What is MantisMetrics?

MantisMetrics is a tool for the evaluation of metrics on the issue tracking system Mantis MantisMetrics is based on the same metric evaluation algorithm that is used with BugzillaMetrics. Furthermore the tool provides a user friendly web-based query tool, and export of the metric results in various formats.

Features (for Users)

  • Flexible XML-based specification of a wide range of metrics (e.g. incoming rate, case life time, reopened rate, state residence time, backlog management index, etc.)
  • Web-Interface for metric queries
  • Graphical Wizard for metric definition without using XML
  • Display of metric results as line charts, stacked area charts
  • Export of the metric result to XML, Excel, HTML, and JPEG.
  • Easy access to the evaluation of a set of predefined common metrics
  • Saving and reloading of metric queries
  • Editing of XML-based metric specifications

Features (for Administrators)

  • Easy adaptation of predefined common metrics
  • Customizable web front end
  • Selftest of proper server configuration
  • Extendable architecture of the metric evaluation algorithm

Further Information

A dedicated user guide for MantisMetrics is not yet available. However, metric definition and the installation process is very similar to BugzillaMetrics. Thus you may have a look into the BugzillaMetrics guide.