What is BugzillaMetrics?

BugzillaMetrics is a tool for the evaluation of metrics on the issue tracking system Bugzilla BugzillaMetrics supports the flexible definition of metrics on nearly any attribute and event stored in your Bugzilla database. Furthermore the tool provides a user friendly web-based query tool, and export of the metric results in various formats.

Features (for Users)

  • Flexible XML-based specification of a wide range of metrics (e.g. incoming rate, case life time, reopened rate, state residence time, backlog management index, etc.)
  • Web-Interface for metric queries
  • Graphical Wizard for metric definition without using XML
  • Display of metric results as line charts, stacked area charts
  • Export of the metric result to XML, Excel, HTML, and JPEG.
  • Links from metric results to Bugzilla bug lists
  • Metric results and calculations accessible via static links
  • Easy access to the evaluation of a set of predefined common metrics
  • Saving and reloading of metric queries
  • Editing of XML-based metric specifications
  • Optional integration for metric evaluation based on CVS/Subversion

Features (for Administrators)

  • Easy adaptation of predefined common metrics
  • Access control based on existing Bugzilla user profiles
  • Evaluation of all Bugzilla custom field types
  • Customizable to changes in the Bugzilla database scheme
  • Customizable web front end
  • Selftest of proper server configuration
  • Extendable architecture of the metric evaluation algorithm

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BugzillaMetrics was initially developed by Lars Grammel in a cooperation project of Kisters AG (Aachen, Germany) and the Research Group Software Construction, RWTH Aachen University. It is licensed under the Mozilla Public License.